Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Art of Sculpture

The visual art of sculpture has evolved consistently and dramatically throughout the years, encompassing more and more styles, movements and sociopolitical motivations. Original practices of the plastic art saw processes of carving and modelling with stone and wood, most commonly, but also metal and ceramics. Modern sculpture, however, is allowed absolute freedom of materials, practices and processes.

Most historic, large scale sculptures were created for religious purposes. For example, the majority of the celebrated Michelangelo’s pieces, like ‘David’ or ‘Moses’, were made on commission for cathedrals or the resting places of important religious officials, though they are now widely regarded and revered not just for their religious connotations, but the mastery with which they were made.

Nowadays, the inspiration behind works of sculpture are just as broad as any other art form, with artists like Annette Messager and Rebecca Warren (more information here: Annette Messager/Rebecca Warren), truly transcending genres, motivations and messages with their work, to create pieces that express feelings of animosity towards religion, as well as feelings of victimisation, confusion and otherness with the use of fabrics and objects, while Scottish-born, Yorkshire based sculptor Jim Bond explores life, death and the uncanny with the use of wire and metals.

Whether you are a seasoned expert in the field of sculpture, or a novice with the desire to learn more, this website will help you navigate this art form with ease. With sections on marble, stone, modern and even monumental sculpture, there is something here to please and inform everyone who visits!