Utopia (No-place)

Artist: Rory Macbeth 

Location: 4 Duke Street accessed from the top of Westwick Street 

Description: 40,000-word text hand-painted in white around three sides of a former Eastern Electricity building scheduled for demolition in 2007, coinciding with EASTinternational 2006 

Description (iconographical): The art work aims to bridge two utopian moments: the idealism that would have accompanied the first opening of the new Electricity Building and the similar idealism that will inevitably accompany the next development of the site. The text wraps carefully around the building, highlighting its relatively non-descript features and overall shape, thereby turning a 100-page book into a physical object and making a derelict part of the architectural fabric of Norwich into a more clearly delineated object of temporary wonder and poignancy. Thomas More's classic novel is presented as social critique - 'cloaked criticism of post-feudal England'. Hence the writing being realized in the style of protest graffiti, which similarly, the artist suggests, expresses 'an idealistic plea to change the world' 

Installed: Commenced 26-Jun-06 

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All photographs © Sarah Cocke 2006-2012



Information used by license from the Recording Archive for Public Sculpture in Norfolk & Suffolk; for more information on this work go to racns.co.uk

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