Bringing the Art of Sculpture to America’s Biggest Playground

Las Vegas, Nevada, is known above all as a resort city, packed with casinos, shopping centres and evening entertainment. Before heading to vegas, check out the quick guide to online roulette to help learn a little bit. When people make the journey there, it is never with the thought of art in mind. That’s not to say that there is no art available to view. There are glass and marble sculptures in lobbies of many of the biggest and most famous casinos in the city, but it wasn’t until recently that a permanent artistic collection was installed.

The ARIA Fine Art Collection is a corporate collection owned by MGM Resorts International, and is part of their CityCenter Complex, scattered across their hotels, casinos and public areas. The collection is comprised of a range of styles and disciplines, from paintings to installations and, of course, sculpture. Some of the pieces were already existing, while others were created specifically for the space. Here are the two most interesting pieces on show:

Henry Moore’s ‘Reclining, Connected Forms’, 1969-74

English artist Henry Moore was known for his sculptures in both bronze and marble, which often depicted either interpretations of the human form in relaxed or reclining positions, or of mother and child embracing. ‘Reclining, Connected Forms’ can be found outside the main lobby of the ARIA Resort and Casino.

Maya Lin’s ‘Silver River’

Maya Lin’s ode to the Colorado River is made from reclaimed silver and weighs over 1.670 kg. It hangs behind the registration desk of the ARIA Resort and Casino, serving as a reminder of the regions slowly depleting water sources; The Colorado River has kept the state of Nevada going for years. Lin is a member of the board of the Natural Resources Defence Council, and is known for her environmentally focused pieces. She first gained recognition as an artist while completing her masters in Architecture for her work on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is Washington DC.